Elope in The Yarra Valley & Melbourne


Mini Weddings.

Micro Weddings.

Call them whatever you like, but over the last few years, they’ve been on the rise & becoming increasingly popular.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing dozens of Elopements in The Yarra Valley & across Melbourne over the years, and it’s always such a personal, relaxed and beautiful day.

When the whole world changed in March 2020 – even more couples are now seeking simple alternatives to reduce guest numbers at their wedding. But they still want to get married, have a fantastic personal celebration & with rad photos to show for it.

Some days, it’s just the couple & the celebrant.

You also need two witnesses legally.  So that’s often me, and a videographer. We’ve got our cameras in one hand, and pens in the other; ready to sign your paperwork as the legal witnesses.

That’s an ‘elopement’ in the true sense; no guests.

Some of the time, the family of the couple don’t even know they’re doing it. It’s then a big amazing surprise for everyone when the couple announces it to the world, with some beautiful photos to show alongside the declaration.  

Other times, maybe just the parents come along to witness.

Or just a small handful or two of your nearest and dearest.

You might then choose to celebrate with lunch or dinner, with everyone involved.

Or just the two of you. With the professional third wheels holding cameras in tow. We’ll leave after the first drink, (if you want us to) don’t worry, haha.

You might want to get ready together before you Elopement ceremony, and have that documented.

Or we can skip the photography for that part of the day, and meet up right before your ceremony.

We’ll always finish the ceremony when you’re newly married, in love and excited – with a whole bunch of beautiful & fun couple portraits.

You might want to have your Elopement in a forest.

Or, in the city.

Under a waterfall.

On a farm.

On a clifftop.

In The Dandenongs or Yarra Valley.

Or at the holy grail of elopement locations, Las Vegas.

I’ve got a bunch of amazing celebrants that I can recommend, who I love working with, and they know how to make an elopement ceremony super awesome. I can also organise a videographer, flowers – etc. As much or as little as you need.

I’ve got your back. This is so much easier than you think it would be.

Either way, there’s no right or wrong way to do this.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ package for elopements; because every couple and every Elopement is different.

Get in touch with me. Let’s chat about your day. And I can organise a custom quote that’s perfect for you.

Pricing from as little as

$1980 inc GST.


Super special rates and discounts apply for

Monday – Thursday elopements.

Just ask me!