Your 'on the day' wedding planning guide.

Here's bunch of different articles I've written, to help you get the very most of your wedding photography, and more importantly - your celebration.

On your wedding day.

Although it may seem a little overwhelming when you’re thinking about all the different elements that make up a wedding day. You only need to know this —

  • If you want to do something at your wedding – do it.
  • If you do not want to do something at your wedding – don’t do it.

… it’s as simple as that.

The only thing that HAS to happen to make your marriage legal in Australia is the celebrant saying something along the lines of; ‘I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages’ etc…  You then need to call upon two witnesses that you take the other to be your husband or wife. That’s it.  Seriously, that’s it! Now breathe easy & have the day that you want!

The rest of this info is here so I can help out my present and future couples as best as I can.  But remember the one thing that overrides everything else on this page – do whatever you want to do. It’s very natural for people to have a lot of questions when they are getting married, it’s not something that everyone does every day. I hope that the info below is of some use to you, whether you chose to go ahead with my services or not.  If there is anything that you require further clarification on don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Although some of the articles may specifically mention ‘bride & groom’ – please note that I am wedding photographer 110% in favour of same-sex marriage and have photographed many weddings with both two grooms and also two brides.   The ‘bride & groom’ parts are just for wording’s sake.  I mean absolutely no offence and please switch around as you see fit 🙂

Do you love the idea of something a bit smaller than a wedding.

Say, an Elopement?



All these articles here, are all in the name of maximising your photography, and more importantly, your celebration!  But please remember, it’s your wedding and you need to make it a unique celebration of the two of you.  Not what your photographer tells you do to.  Or what your venue tells you .  Or your parents.

Make it your day and I promise you’ll be happy.

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