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2024 & 2025 WEDDINGS

Thanks for checking out my wedding photography price guide. I’m all about making the whole process as simple as possible for my couples.

That should start right now; when you might be at that overwhelming process of starting to choose wedding suppliers. To the very end; when you receive all of your photos from me, and get to relive the magic all over again.

I offer only one option for

my wedding coverage.

I don’t sell hourly packages, because honestly, I find it confusing and awkward. I’ve tried it in the past and it simply doesn’t work, for the way I like to work.

One; it’s confusing before the wedding, because no couple ever knows how much coverage they actually need.

Two; if schedules run over and you haven’t booked enough coverage – that’s a really shitty conversation, to be hitting up a couple for more cash on their wedding day.

The couples I photograph value the experience of whole-day wedding photography. And I value the importance of telling the story of your whole day. That’s why I’m there from when you’re both getting ready in the early arvo, until after the formalities when everyone is drunk on the dance floor later in the evening. Plus all the amazing bits in between. Once I’ve photographed 15 minutes or so of pissed people dancing, it’s kind of the same photos over and over, but just messier. So that’s when I head off.

For most weddings, that works out to be roughly 1pm until 9pm, give or take a little. To me, this is the perfect amount of coverage and the perfect way to capture a wedding day. No clock watching here.

Your investment is 4890

After the wedding you’ll receive your photos edited, in full resolution, watermark free, without any restrictions whatsoever. They’re all yours!

They’ll be delivered in a beautiful online gallery that you can share with your family & friends. The gallery also has its own store, where you can order awesome prints directly from a professional lab, right here in Melbourne.

My price also includes any number of meetups, zoom chats, phone calls and emails as you wish. Everything includes GST. Nothing is hidden.



In the name of complete transparency, click here for access to a complete gallery that I’ve delivered a past couple of mine. This is exactly what they received from me.

If you’re still deciding between multiple photographers, here’s a hot tip; get access to full galleries from the photographer. Anyone can make an Instagram feed or website home page look pretty.

  • Can you see yourselves in the kind of photos your photographer takes?
  • Do you love the way all of the images look – the editing, the colours, the vibe?
  • Going beyond just the ‘hero shots’, does the whole gallery look great quality & consistent? Do they nail the family photos, the ceremony photos? Does everyone look comfortable in the photos?

If you can honestly answer all of these questions together, you’re most of the way there in deciding your wedding photographer. And importantly, you’re also going to have a really good idea of the product that you’ll receive after your wedding. With no nasty surprises; like ‘Shit, my whole gallery doesn’t look anything like the photographers fancy Instagram feed does.’

You should only have good surprises in your final gallery; such as awesome fleeting moments that you didn’t see happen on the day, or creative shots that you never expected.

And, the two of you looking like total rock stars in front of the camera.

How does it all work?

Shoot me a message via the contact form on my website to find out if I've got your date available or not. I'm a one band, I don't have a team. So popular dates like Saturdays in October - March, tend to book out around 15 months in advance. Don't let that discourage you from inquiring though, it's always worth checking! If I'm not available, I'll give you a list of other killer wedding photographers with similar styles and pricing to me.

1. Get in touch with me to find out my availability on your date.

If I'm available on your date, I'll send you a link where you can see my calendar to book a time to catch up with me. This is either online via Google Meet or in person at my workspace at Eastland in Ringwood. Alternatively, because many of my bookings come via word of mouth, guests from past weddings I've photographed, previous bridal party members, or trust in Google reviews, etc - about half of couples are comfortable skipping this step and happy just to lock everything in to secure me for their wedding date. Life is busy, I get it! We can then catch up closer to your date if you like.

2. Let's catch up (optional)

I'll send you a link to accept your quote and fill out an online contract + booking form. Nothing is 'officially' locked in until a $1000 deposit is paid. I don't hold dates without this deposit paid. The final payment is due two weeks out from your wedding date. Easy.

3. 'Lock it in, Eddie.'

4. Relax, plan and enjoy the build-up!

I'm there as much or as little as you need me. Some couples will call and email heaps in regard to timings, details, accommodation, other vendors etc. I'd rather people check with me than go rogue, haha. I'd easily spend more time in my email than I would with a camera hand. Alternately, lots of couples are also comfortable independently sorting out most of their plans, and we boogey straight on to the next step.

5.  Go over the final details.

I'm not going to spam your inbox every 2 weeks and overwhelm you with tips, planning advice etc. You can find all that on my website and social media if you need to. You'll get an email from me 3 months out from your wedding date confirming where you are getting ready, ceremony and reception start time etc, and I'll email you a timeline for my movements on the day.

6. It's here! Your wedding day has arrived!

Holy shit. It probably doesn't even feel reel. Relax, party, love, trust the vendors that you've booked, don't stress about the weather, it's the one thing you have zero control over. Have the most amazing day, I'll be there to capture it all for you.

7. Sneak Peeks.

The same night, or the very next morning after your wedding, I'll send you half a dozen or so sneak peek photos from your day, to share with friends and family, update your Facebook and Insta bios, or show other envious travellers you meet on your honeymoon.

8. Final Digital Gallery Delivery.

This is usually 2 or 3 weeks after the wedding. Sometimes slightly longer in busy months like March & November. Grab the cheese and wine platter; your final gallery will be emailed to you for you to view in a beautiful, user-friendly online gallery. Your images are delivered in high resolution, watermark free, for you to use as you, please. They're all yours. No strings! This link can be easily shared with all your friends and family or password protected & remain private, should you wish.

9. Albums & Prints.

If you've pre-purchased an album through me, this is the final step. I can choose all the photos, or you can choose them yourself. We'll go through all that after the images are delivered digitally. It's a super easy process. Individual prints, frames, thank you cards, canvases, etc can also all be ordered easily directly via your online gallery.

Ready to do this thing?!

Popular dates tend to book out around 12-15 months in advance. If I'm still available on your date, get back in touch to lock me in for your day.