My Favourite Wedding Celebrants in The Yarra Valley

Remember, your ceremony IS your wedding. It shouldn’t be awkward, boring or weird.

The wedding ceremony should be the main event at your wedding; it’s the reason why is everyone is there! You’re not inviting your guests to the reception and making a side note saying – “if you’re available two hours earlier, we’re doing this shitty thing out on the grass”.

All of the wedding celebrants below, each unique to each other – will make sure your ceremony is one of the best parts of your day as it should be.

As a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, here is who I consider, to be the best wedding celebrants across The Yarra Valley & Melbourne.

(In Alphabetical order)


Your mates are going to love Damon. Your parents also will. And your grandparents. He’s one of the most charming dudes going around, in an entirely non-sleazy way. He’s legit, just a bloody lovely human being. And he creates beautiful, funny, real and personal ceremonies—the best of the best.


The kind of person you’d love to have over to your house, for dinner and a bottle or two of wine. Just spinning yarns into the early hours. She finds it so easy to relate and connect with anyone. Therefore creating something amazing that you’ll always remember.


I mean, who doesn’t want a celebrant who delivers the entire bridal party beverages during the portrait session. Most celebrants would have been and gone by this point. Not Leah. Always above and beyond. Also, the only celebrant I’ve ever come across that can drop the f-bomb during the ceremony; and pull it off, with complete fun and class. Many have tried. All have failed. Except Leah.


Finchy. What an absolute pleasure of a human to be in the presence of. Calming, personal & real. Always an absolute treat when I roll on into a wedding ceremony and see this beautiful human standing at the end of the aisle.


Heartfelt, love & laughter. Megan is such an awesome person to be around, and you feel instantly calm in her presence. Every guest of every age will love your ceremony with Megan. Especially the two of you.


A super experienced and professional wedding celebrant, with just the right amount of cheekiness. An absolute blast to share a drink with at an industry function too.


Nat just gets it. No cheese, no bullshit. Lots of awesomeness. Enough life experience to be able to read a room and crowd instantly. But not so much, that she’s past it and can’t connect. Just the right amount of rock and roll too. Exactly what you want.


I mean, any celebrant who brings a lint roller for the groom & groomsmen to every wedding is a sign of a dude who has their shit together. Fantastic ceremonies, a smooth unit. Even better hair.


I never thought I’d meet someone who loved Silverchair as much as I do. But here we are. Here’s Sam. So much love for this dude. Sam actually comes from a background of stand-up comedy. So he’s super comfortable talking in front of a microphone to people who don’t really want to listen to him, haha. His ceremonies are funny light-hearted, with heart. And never with cheese.


Back a few years ago when wedding celebrants were all just basically retired school teachers, Shannon was the trailblazer for the young & alternative celebrants. All these years later, there’s now a plethora of celebrants out there who aren’t just retired high school teachers. But Shannon is still the leader, leaving everyone else in her dust. There’s a good reason she’s widely considered one of the best in the industry and is constantly booked out months & years in advance.