The Best Wedding Videographers in The Yarra Valley & Melbourne

It’s super important that your videographer and photographer are familiar with each other and are on the same page as each other.

Ask any wedding videographer or photographer, and they’ll be able to tell you awkward, painful and nightmare stories from wedding days that occurred due to being paired with someone who has an entirely different style & philosophy about capturing weddings to them.

If you book a videographer before a photographer – ask them, who are your favourite photographers? And if you book a photographer before a videographer – ask them, who are your favourite videographers?

Choose someone from that person’s list. Not because we’re getting paid commission from each other. But because we know, just how damn good the vibe is when we get to work together, know each other well and can create the most fantastic atmosphere for our couples on their wedding day. Remember, these people will have cameras pointed at you for many hours on your wedding day. If your photographer and videographer are generating great vibes off each other, you’re also going to feel that.

The right photographer/videographer combination means you’re going to have an even better wedding day experience, and you’ll get an even better product from both.  The banter, the good times, the chemistry – all comes from the people with the cameras on your day knowing each other well both personally and professionally and therefore being able to deliver the best product and experience for you on your wedding day. 

As a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, here is who I consider, to be the best wedding videographers across The Yarra Valley & Melbourne.

Check out even more info on them below, all with videos that you can view right here on this page. It’s worth noting that every video you see below, I was also the photographer at each of these weddings. You may even see me appear in some of the footage. Usually the dance floor, haha.


Glen with One N
Such a fun, unique & quirky guy. His witty sense of humour has me, and our couples in absolute stitches of laughter every wedding we shoot together. We actually share an office space together, so we know each other extremely well. I’ve worked at more weddings with Glen than anyone else, all across The Yarra Valley, interstate multiple times, we even travelled to Las Vegas together to capture a wedding in 2019! Wowsers, what an amazing journey that was. Never in our wildest dreams did either of us ever think something like that would happen. Glen’s films are narrative & story-driven. Because if there’s one thing that my photos can’t capture, it’s the sound of the voices of your loved ones. And trust me, one day you’re going to appreciate hearing them.


This guy. I’ve photographed so many weddings alongside Sash. We’ve lost count now; it’s well north of thirty. We know each other and how we work very bloody well. There’s just this level of communication & connection that can only be achieved from working alongside someone so many times, that we have between us. Check out Dylan & Elisha’s wedding below, at their venue, Mount Macedon Winery. We had an absolute blast this day. On this occasion, after the cameras went down, we partied well into the night with the couple & their guests.


Tea. As in, a cup of.
Tea’s wedding films are super sweet. Not like a cup of tea with too much sugar, and then the taste is just ruined. But just that perfect combination of romance, fun & back story from the couple. And the ‘why’ is always there in every one of his films. ‘Why do you love your partner? ‘Why do you want to marry them?’. And every time you watch back on your wedding film, you’ll know why. Check out Bridget & Tims wedding at the fantastic Emu Bottom Homestead in Sunbury; this was the very last wedding of mine that occurred before coronavirus lockdown restrictions came into place in Victoria in 2020. There wasn’t an ‘official ban’ on weddings announced at the time of Bridget & Tims day, but we knew it was coming really soon. And man, emotions were running high.


Zac & Louise
A super sweet, young videographer couple. Born well after Silverchair were a big thing, haha. They’re really easy to work with on the day, lots of fun and they create fantastic, cost-effective wedding films too. This may really help some couples who don’t quite have the biggest budget for their wedding film. I actually photographed their own wedding at the start of 2022, and it was a truly amazing day.


The first time I met Kim when we shot a wedding together, I was absolutely stoked. Finally… finally; another shooter could match my energy levels and challenge me to bring my A-game even more! Never before, had I shot alongside someone with an equal amount of positive energy to me. And what a beautiful breathe of fresh air that is. Shooting the portrait session with her is also super rad, because I can take a step back, and be even more creative, whilst she is more than confident & comfortable in directing the couple. Her end goal, style, vibe and energy is on exactly the same page as me on the day. And it’s so bloody lovely.


Tango’s wedding films are different from the rest. They stand apart. Like, miles apart from the pack. You’ll realise within 20 seconds of watching any one of their films, why they are so unique. You have to see it to believe it, the energy and mind-blowing unique editing style. Every time I watch one of their films, I find myself thinking ‘How the fuck did he do that?!’ In the most complimentary & best way possible.  Here is Gab & Pete, at the amazing Flowerdale Estate just out of The Yarra Valley. I had an absolute blast shooting alongside Lochie and his sidekick Luca this day. One week before Covid-19 restrictions put a complete halt to weddings in Australia.


Grace & Andrew. Aka – Grandrew
Andrew films. Grace edits. And what a perfect combination that is. I’m going to level with you. I’ve seen hundreds, probably thousands of wedding films. And unless I was the photographer at the wedding, or I know the couple personally – a wedding film usually struggles to hold my attention for the whole duration of it. Bottlebrush is one of the only wedding filmmakers out there, where I can watch a total strangers wedding film from start to finish, and not even notice that 4 or 5 minutes just went by. If you want your jaw to drop at just how amazing watching a total strangers wedding film can be, go and check out ‘Sophie + Connail’ on the Aussie Rom-com page on their website. And here’s Zoe & Tom’s wedding at the beautiful Zonzo Estate below, I was the photographer this day.