Beautiful Pre-Wedding Accommodation in The Yarra Valley

Location, Location, Location.

Speaking from experience, if you are looking to keep things as relaxed and stress-free as possible on your wedding day, the closer you are to your venue, the better it is for every party involved.  Below you’ll find a list of some fantastic Yarra Valley wedding accommodation, that will look beautiful in photos, and make for super convenient and chilled, pre-wedding preparations.

Unless you are 100% adamant that ‘I must get ready at this house, which is a 90-minute drive from my ceremony venue in peak hour’.  I would highly recommend investing the extra few hundred dollars to be at a location close to your wedding venue.

I’ve seen the most chilled brides become so stressed on their wedding day, because of the distance they have to travel to their ceremony location.  And if you’re getting married somewhere like the Yarra Valley, why not rent a house, and make a whole weekend of it!  Get together there with your family and wedding party the day before. Have a BBQ lunch or recovery breakfast at your Yarra Valley wedding accommodation the day after too!

And also, why not both of you get ready on the same property!? You can separate once the hair and makeup team arrive, and still have the traditional ‘aisle’ moment, where you first see each other as bride and groom (or bride & bride, groom & groom.) at the ceremony. But that then enables you to spend the night together with all your best mates before your wedding day. And you can even enjoy breakfast together on your wedding day if you like?  I mean most couples, see each other every other day of their lives. So why avoid each other the entire day, on this important day? It then saves you a couple of bucks, only needing to book the one rental property between you two. All the homes on this page are well and truly big enough for both parties to stay at and remain separate for a few hours on the day if you choose to.

If you already have children together, as many couples do – this also makes perfect logistical sense to be on the same property together. It allows both of you and your families shared duties of looking after the little one/s, without putting it all on one side. 

From a photography perspective, if you’re looking to receive the very best photos from the ‘pre-game’ part of your wedding day. Do not underestimate the importance of light. Big rooms, with big windows and lots of natural light, are paramount to stacking the odds in your favour, to getting the best photos you possibly can. Having some beautiful gardens and outdoor areas surrounding the property certainly helps too.

Here are my favourite properties in The Yarra Valley, for wedding parties to get ready at, before the main event.

(in Alphabetical order)


Featuring one main lodge central on the property, Araluen is surrounded by multiple other villas around the property.  Making it perfect for large wedding parties, or even having your parents and other family members stay on-site too. But not being all up in your grill if you don’t want, as they’ve got their private dwelling.

However, there’s a pretty sweet pool at the main lodge, which they’re probably going to want to lap up, especially if you’re having your wedding during the warmer months.

The master bedroom in the main lodge features impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, making it a gorgeous little photo spot to capture the bride getting ready.

There are also heaps of rad spots around the grounds for wedding party portraits, or even first look photos, if that’s something that tickles your fancy.

Araluen Lodge is located at – 603 Steels Creek Road, Yarra Glen


Located just outside of Healesville, up past the RACV club, Killawarra House has some killer views (see what I did there) overlooking the township of Healesville & the valley.

Like I’ve mentioned a few times on this page, part of what makes this property so rad, is both parties being able to be on the same property together. Inside the house, you’ve got a beautiful big, well-lit living area (your hair and makeup artists will thank you for that!) with fantastic views inside the home.

Directly to the side of the main house, you’ve got a rad little man cave, dubbed ‘The Black Spur’, which is perfect for the boys to chill out, and play a few games of pool, while the girls are inside getting their hair and makeup completed—making staying separate until game time, a breeze.

Naturally lit, bright bedrooms = one happy wedding photographer.

There’s also plenty of great spots outside for wedding party portraits as well.

Killawarra is located at – 40 Dingley Dell Road, Healesville


Located in Olinda in The Dandenong Ranges, Magnolias on Mernda is a 1940’s hills home that has been beautifully restored, giving you the perfect melting pot of old charm and new world style.

The outdoor bath house would be the perfect place to relax, pre or post wedding.

The home is surrounded by windows at every turn, so there is so much perfect natural light for getting ready in, and for your hair and makeup artists.

Did I mention before, why not getting ready in the same house together!?

The outdoor gardens are beautifully established and surrounded by ancient trees, making the perfect backdrop for portraits on site.

Magnolias on Mernda is located at – 20 Mernda Road, Olinda


Infinity pool with jaw-dropping views sweeping across the valley. You’ve got it.

The undercover outdoor pavilion room by the poolside is the absolute perfect spot for your wedding party to hang out. Or if you’re so inclined, the pool goes down an absolute treat. As long as you’re not wearing any fake tan. 😉

The inside of the property also features five bedrooms and a central living area that is big, bright and has stunning views.

With five bedrooms and an enormous undercover outdoor area, it’s perfect for both parties to get ready on site together, whilst giving each other space. Once all the hair and makeup gets going, the guys can easily hang out by the pool and the undercover area, whilst the girls stay inside and do their thing.

The downstairs bedrooms are bright and naturally well lit.

And there are heaps of great places around the property outside, that aren’t just the pool area, for wedding party portraits.

Mount View Estate is located at – 150 Milners Road, Yarra Junction.


As far as central locations go, you simply cannot beat this property. It’s smack bang in the middle of the main street in Healesville. I could be wrong, but I reckon it’s probably the only residential property on that whole strip. With the rest of the street spoiling you for choice with cafes, bars, distilleries, restaurants, etc.  What a perfect way to spend your wedding weekend. Making it way too easy walking distance to get to any shops you need, before your wedding day, or after, should you choose to stay out in The Yarra Valley for a few extra nights. Why not!?

Built-in 1901, the property has been restored to perfection.  With four bedrooms accommodating up to 9 guests, it makes for some pretty sweet pre-game photos too.

Plenty of space & well lit rooms.

And a beautiful front balcony to kick back on with a champagne and watch the world go by.

Temora House is located at – 294 Maroondah Highway, Healesville


Located in Gruyere between Coldstream & Healesville, Yarramunda is the perfect location to get ready at, if you’re having a Yarra Valley wedding. You’re only 10 minutes drive from most of the major Yarra Valley venues here, as you’re right off Maroondah Highway near St Huberts Road.

The property features 3 executive houses, all well separated from each other for privacy, but close enough if you’re walking between them, if you’ve booked the whole place out.

One of the best parts has to be the views from each of the small homes. It’s such a rad way to start a wedding day, relaxing on the balconies.

All of the homes feature really large, well-lit rooms, perfect for photography and hair and makeup artists.

The views, combined with the beautiful tree-lined drive, make for the perfect portrait locations too.

Yarramunda is located at – 18-20 Spring Lane, Gruyere


With 12 individual free-standing cottages, set amongst beautiful grounds, with local flora and fauna everywhere, Yering Gorge Cottages has to be the perfect Yarra Valley wedding accommodation for large groups.

You can easily have both parties on site here, as well as heaps of your family and friends too.

All the cottages feature great balconies with Yarra Valley views to soak up.

Yering Gorge is located at – 215 Victoria Road, Yering