The Most Rocking Wedding DJ’s & Muso’s in The Yarra Valley

I’ve been a musician much longer than I’ve been a photographer. So music has always been an enormous part of my life.

You just can’t underestimate the power of music at your wedding. That might sound extreme, but music can quite often make or break the atmosphere at a wedding.  A professional band, artist or DJ has performed hundreds, if not thousands of events. They know how to read a crowd. They understand how wedding reception schedules work. And they’ll create a unique atmosphere for your day and evening, that many guests will be talking about for months, or years after your wedding. That just simply can’t be done on an iPhone playing Spotify. The shittest DJ in your suburb is still going to do a better job than the best Spotify playlist.

As a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, here is who I consider, to be the best wedding bands and DJ’s across The Yarra Valley & Melbourne.

(in Alphabetical order)

Check out even more info on them below, all with videos that you can view right here on this page.


Bringer of vibes. Epic DJ, professional MC. Brilliant acoustic muso. He’s got it all. And an even ripper bloke to boot. He books out super far in advance, so get amongst him whilst he’s hot!


This guy. The perfect blend of everything you want on your wedding day. Soft and sweet acoustic tunes for your ceremony. Beautiful background tunes and vibes during your canapés & dinner for all your guests.  But when dinner and speeches are complete, his guitar goes away – and his DJ decks come out. What more could you want !? Oh, and if we work a wedding together, it’s always a tradition that I’ll grab his guitar for a song or two, to duet with him.


When Lark played at our wedding in 2014, we were stoked with them. As were all our guests. So that’s a pretty good endorsement in itself. They’re a small ‘agency band’, but unlike many of the agency bands in Australia, they’re transparent about it. And you know who is going to be rocking up to your wedding. Head to one of their showcases, and you get to choose your own singer/s and lineup. I’ve got a pretty soft spot for Luke, every time I hear his voice, it makes me all nostalgic and loved up, thinking back to my wedding night.


I’ve never seen anyone get a crowd at a wedding fired up faster, and more than Andrew Loadsman. This guys voice is so unique, and his party-starting vibe and atmosphere has to be seen to be believed. Once the guitar goes away, he DJ’s to tracks without pre-recorded vocals, and sings over the top, jumping on the dance floor with his wireless mic, getting everyone pumped right up.


The cleanest and slickest-looking DJ setup you’ll ever see. No ugly cables everywhere looking messy and ruining the vibe. This dudes setup fits into any wedding aesthetic. So damn good. Hell of a nice young guy and a great MC too.


I’m going to level with you. This dude is loose. But in precisely the right way. He’s probably the most booked out and popular wedding DJ in the Yarra Valley for an excellent reason.  He also does a killer job at MC’ing your wedding. So you don’t have to worry about getting your cousin Johnno to do it, who let’s be honest, is going to have too many beers and make an absolute balls-up of it anyway. So leave it the experts.


Aleks & Eddy
Aleks & Eddie are both killer DJ’s, they knows how to get a dance floor going. They’re organised, well-presented and know exactly the right song to put on at the right moment. Get amongst them.


Joey & Sarah
Such an incredible acoustic duo. And two of the most beautiful humans you’ll ever meet. You get the perfect blend of male/female vocals and harmonies. Joey is also the absolute master of ‘looping’ his guitar, to make it sound like there’s way more than just one instrument going. (Think, Ed Sheeran) So while you’ve got the chilled-out tunes earlier in the day, you’ve got no need to worry about having your dance floor rocking later in the evening either. Sarah’s voice gives me shivers every-time I hear it. I could listen to these two for eternity.


If you’re after a killer duo, trio, or even a five-piece band; Wendybird have got you covered. She has the most beautiful soulful voice, which will become the soundtrack to one of the most amazing days of your life.