Group Photo Hints & Tips

Do you take family photos?
Most definitely!  They just aren’t usually seen on my Facebook page or blog posts for obvious reasons.  There’s a couple of options of here.  If everyone is civil, comfortable around each other, no delicate dynamics etc. – I’ve got a method in my head for these family photos that works 99% of the time, you don’t need a list.

 I typically only include immediate family at this time, which I call – parents, siblings, (their partners and children, if applicable) and grandparents.  From experience, as soon as you involve all of the aunties, uncles and cousins at this time – the family photos can quickly become chaos.  And remember I’m always there for a decent amount of your reception too – so I can get any of those shots later in the day.

However, if there is some ‘delicate’ dynamics; if you could make a list of the specific combinations of family photos you want to be taken, that can help make things run a lot smoother, makes sure no one misses out and saves me putting my foot in it too.  I also ask if you could delegate one or two ‘loud’ family or bridal party members who know a majority of the people in the photos to assist me in ’rounding up the troops’ – this can also save a lot of time.  You don’t need to give me that list prior, but please just make sure one of those people has it on hand on the day.

To work out how long these might take; assign around 1 – 2 minutes for each small combination and 3+ minutes for larger groups. That is dependant on the fact that we can find everyone too.  On average, about 7-10 different combinations taking about 10 – 15 minutes is ‘normal’.

95% of the time, these photos are done straight after the ‘post ceremony congratulations’, while the rest of the guests head to canapés.

What about the ‘group photo’ – the one where you stand up high and photograph every single guest at once?
Do people still do them?  Haha, jokes.  If the couple wants one, I’m more than happy to do it!  In all honesty, they can be a bit of buzzkill, though.  Guests are often wanting just to congratulate the bride and groom, or get to the bar, or do anything other than be in a photo where you can see half of their face.  In reality, the group photo can take about 5 – 10 mins to round everyone up.  (People don’t listen, they go missing, they’re usually too focused on finding the bar, etc., haha) So I think it’s way more beautiful to use that time letting everyone hug/kiss you/congratulate you – without me interjecting.  I believe photos of those moments will be treasured much longer anyway.  And you’ll have way more rad individual images of your guests, as opposed to just one big one.  Also, some venues/wedding co-ordinators like to cut this time from the schedule, what !?  Some of the best photos of your guests happen during this time.  Do it. (if you want)

Can we give you a list or examples of specific photos we want taken?
Apart from the actual family photos, it’s not required.  As I’m a Yarra Valley wedding photographer who captures the day organically in my creative style, I wouldn’t want to stare at a big list of photos or poses you saw on Pinterest to detract from that.  However, f there was a specific shot, person or location you wanted to be used, please certainly let me know!