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Currently taking on mentoring sessions

Previously I’d been running mentoring sessions mainly targeted towards photographers who already had an established wedding business.

However, during the ‘corona lockdown’, I started offering ‘beginners’ sessions online via zoom, for things as simple as – understanding what ‘aperture’ does or using the manual settings on your camera to take better photos of your family, etc. Or just, how to get started in the wedding photography world.

These took off well, and I’m happy to announce that I’m still offering these sessions, either via zoom or in person. Now we’re not locked down anymore, in person is much more preferable, if you’re able to.

I am ultra passionate about teaching & helping others be the best they can be.  And I’m passionate about creating a community over competition mindset in our industry.   There’s absolutely no way I would have got my business to the point it is today, without reaching out to other wedding photographers for help and guidance.

Whether you are looking for assistance with business advice, client experience, marketing, workflow, SEO, software, or anything photography  – I’m happy to help out.
By no means, do I claim to ‘know it all’. And I’m always looking for ways to get better myself in all aspects of business and photography.  I think the minute you think you know everything, don’t need to learn anymore & are not always pushing yourself, is the minute you start falling behind everyone else.  I still attend photography workshops and conferences each year and will continue to.  All in the name of always wanting to get better.


I’m happy to share everything I know about –



Photographing 70+ Weddings Per Year

How I manage to get enough enquiries to easily book 70 weddings a year, whilst paying little money for advertising and not being published in wedding magazines.

Maintaining energy & passion

My systems, workflows, client experience. And how I maintain the energy, passion and easily manage the workload of shooting this volume of weddings.

In what is now around 800 weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve learned a few things along the way.  And I’m happy to share this experience with anyone looking to grow. Perfect for photographers just starting in the wedding industry or photographers who have been going at it a while, but finding the business side of things a little stale or slow.

As mentioned above – I don’t claim to know everything.  And I don’t own the silver bullet that’s suddenly going to generate you hundreds of enquiries.  But I feel that by talking anyone through my processes, workflow, client experience etc. – I would confidently say that you would gain some insight and pick up some great information to help you in your business.

I’m offering quick online zoom sessions or full & half-day sessions at my workspace in Ringwood – where I’ll be a completely open book.  You can ask anything you want.  Or, we can mainly just cover one thing in particular, such as SEO, or how to pose couples – if you like.

Also, think of every cent you spend on your business with ‘ROI’ in mind.  I ask myself before spending any money on something education-related; will I get a return on my investment?  And if I learn only one thing that helps me book just one more wedding as a result.  Well, then I have.  Simple as that.  ? #communityovercompetition