My name is Michael, but most people call me Briggsy.

Thanks so much for stopping by my website, I'm stoked that I'd even be considered to be a part of your day.

Wedding photography has been my full time job for 10 years now and it still blows my mind that I've managed to turn something that  I truly love, into a living.

Every wedding I photograph, I'm there to immerse myself in the day and become a part of it.

I want to be there to capture all those amazing moments, exactly as they are, and unfold, organically...

The excited moments.

The fun moments.

The emotional moments.

The loud moments.

The quiet moments.

The in between moments.

The moments you wouldn't have expected to happen.

The 'must have' moments.

And of course, you're going to want some kick arse couple portraits amongst the mix too...

But I don't think we need to leave this, your party ...

...for hours on end, to get something sweet & real, like this ...

My number one priority, is that when you look at your wedding photos, you remember exactly how you felt on the day...

And after the day is all done and dusted, it's always rad to have something that you can hang on your wall forever.  Or print in a beautiful album...

Oh yeah, I do also take 'those' family photos. I know your mum is going to want them, even if you don't.

Do you love the idea of something a bit smaller than a wedding.

Say, an Elopement?


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Real Weddings

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