Jade & Lewis // Yarra Valley Redwood Forest Elopement

Have you landed on this page because of COVID-19 and the current Australian Government restrictions as of March 2020 – legally allowing only a limited number of people at a wedding?

If so, please get in touch with me.  This is way easier (and cheaper!) to organise than you would think. You just need …
– A celebrant
– The two of you
– Two witnesses

I can hook you up with plenty of amazing celebrants too.  But you’ve legally gotta give them 30 days notice.  Then we can go somewhere amazing, and get you two married – amazing romantic elopement style !

Check out this page on my website for more info and special 2020 elopement pricing.

“Thank you Michael! Your photos have captured our moment perfectly. You were so fun and chilled and made it feel so easy. Amazing! Thanks again.”

– Jade & Lewis – 11th May 2016

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Venue – Redwood Forest, East Warburton, VIC
Co-ordination / General Awesomeness – The Elopement Collective
Celebrant- Josh Withers
Flowers – Red Earth Flowers
Photographer – Michael Briggs, Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer